Submission Guidelines


Authors interested in submitting their research articles to the journal should send their papers to the Editor via email ( in electronic Word format. 

Our staff shall guide you on how to submit it via OJS. 

A brief abstract of approximately 150 words, with up to eight keywords and a brief biographical paragraph describing each author’s current affiliation, research interests, and recent publications should accompany the manuscript. 

While writing references, use Chicago referencing Style 

Disclaimer :
The authors, editors, and publisher will not accept any legal responsibility for any errors or omissions that may be made in this publication. The publisher makes no warranty, express or implied, with respect to the material contained herein.

Copyright: JPD does not accept manuscripts for review that are under review elsewhere, previously published, or already committed for publication. All the data (figures, tables, quantitative analysis) in the article should have acknowledgment if reproduced. 

Review: All articles are independently refereed, but the editorial board is responsible for the final selection of the contents of the journal. 

Themes: The Journal invites manuscripts in the broad field of Diplomacy, Peace, Conflict, and Development and Legal Studies. There can be themes and sub-themes for papers like: 

  • Peace, Conflict, Development and Diplomatic Studies 
  • International Relations 
  • Women, Peace, and Security
  • Peacekeeping 
  • Democracy/Rule of Law, Justice and Human Rights 
  • Conflict Sensitive Journalism/Media in Peace Building 
  • Illegal Immigration/Refugees/Human Trafficking and Laws 
  • Role of Civilians in Peace Building and Conflict Management
  • Religious/ Ethnic/Sectarian Extremism and Violence
  • Nonviolence/Civil Resistance 
  • Arms Control and Disarmament/ Small Arms and Light Weapons 
  • Nuclear and Security Issues 
  • Economics Of Peace 
  • Piracy 
  • Cultural and Trade Diplomacy 
  • Anti-Money Laundering /Terrorist Financing and International and National Laws 

The Journal is also inclusive of a comprehensive range of related fields like international relations, political science, theory and security, political economy, politics of energy, leadership psychology, modern history, international law, sociology, education, social anthropology, development studies, foreign policy, and related fields. 

Submission: Authors are requested to submit their original articles electronically along with the hard copy through postal mail to the Editor. The postal and email address/s is given as: 

Electronic Submission: or 

Hard Copy Submission: 

Editor, Journal of Peace & Diplomacy 

# 138, Street 99, I-8-4 Islamabad 4000

PO Box 1239 Islamabad 44000 Pakistan 

Length of Manuscript: Manuscripts must not be shorter than 3500 and not longer than 5000 words. The entire manuscript (including notes and references) must be double-spaced, MS World file (in New Time Roman font-12) with one-inch margins. 

Language: The articles must be in English (US/UK). The authors are requested to review their language(proofread) before sending it to the final submission. Editors reserve the right to edit the articles for brevity and a better understanding of the text. 

Author’s Profile/Introduction: The author must include his/ her full contact information (including email address, telephone number, and institutional affiliation). JPD will only use the information for editorial communications. 

Abstract: There must be an abstract of no more than 100-150 words. Papers without any abstract would not be accepted. The abstract should summarize the whole article, not just the approach or conclusions. 

Key Words: After the abstract, write about 3 to 9 keywords from the research. That will give indexing and references should be listed.  

Tables and Figures: The placement of tables or figures should be cited in the text. The publisher will be responsible for placing artwork, tables or figures, as well as converting endnotes to footnotes.

Writing Style: 

  • Abbreviations can be used within the text according to internationally accepted conventions. 
  • Acronyms should be written within brackets after writing the words in full on first use, e.g., the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC). Subsequently only SAARC should be used without brackets.
  •  Dates should be written as October 27, 2014. 
  • Numbers one through ten should be spelled out, unless they are part of arithmetic expression or data are being reported. 
  • Four-digit numbers should be comma separated: 1,000; 1,561,987. 
  • Foreign words should be in italics. 

Headings: A maximum of three-level headings are allowed as follows: 

First Level Heading

First-level headings are flush left on a separate line. The first text line following is flush left. 

Second Level Heading 

Second-level headings are flush left on a separate line. The first text line following is flush left. 

Third Level Heading: 

Third-level headings are flush le Third Level Heading: ft. The text follows on the same line.

Book Reviews: A book review on a book having relevance to academic knowledge and social contribution are welcome and encouraged. Book reviews are also subjected to peer -review like other manuscripts. 

References: Research papers should be based on Footnotes on the pattern of The Chicago Manual of Style. Reference to a book should be followed by the name of the author (s), the title of the book, place of publication, publisher, year of publication, and the relevant page number. 

Contact Information

House 387, Street 64, I-8/3, Islamabad.