Journal of Peace and Diplomacy

Journal of Peace and Diplomacy (JDP) is one of the high-ranking journals operating in Pakistan. It is a quarterly published journal that encompasses studies in the areas of Peace and Conflict Studies, Diplomatic Studies, International Relations, Development Studies and International Law. The readership of this journal is not just confined to Pakistan, but it is internationally read by Diplomats, Academicians, Scholars, Researchers from across the globe.  The Journal’s research papers will be abstracted in the International Political Science Abstracts of the International Association of Political Science in Paris, France. 


Journal of Peace and Diplomacy is a staunch believer in quality, integrity, and plagiarism free work hence our objectives are:

1-      To publish high-standard research articles and to bolster the promotion of scholasticism.

2-      To polish the talent and prepare them for future challenges pertaining to research at the national and international arena.

This Journal strives to maintain its quality and doesn’t compromise on it. JPD provides a platform to researchers to publish their quality work and contribute to the creation of new knowledge in the field of social, legal, and cultural disciplines of social sciences. Journal of Peace and Diplomacy is a double-blind peer-reviewed open access multidisciplinary research journal.  The research journal encourages the aspects of applied and theoretical aspects to be researched and published in the English language. 

Subscribers of JDP comprise universities, academicians, researcher institutions, governmental organizations, embassies, inter-governmental organizations, and independent researchers not only at the national level but also at the international level. Author and the journal with proper reference could allow its Non-commercial and commercial use and distribution in any medium.